Marshall is an award winning songwriter from the Chicago area.


“I’ve got something to say, but I just don’t know how to say it.  So, I wrote this song.”

Says the words of Marshall’s song, Merry-Go-Round, on this latest recording; Carnivals & Other Tragedies. And that pretty much sums up his approach to songwriting. 

Marshall has been enthralled with music from an early age. His first solo song on stage came at a tender age in a junior high talent show,

 . . . , and girls screamed. It’s been a wild on-again/off-again ride ever since. 

The pressures of raising a family and the  working world made Marshall put musical pursuits on hold for a while. But his faithful guitar was never far from reach when he needed to put life in perspective. And songwriting has always been a great way to condense and express the emotions the world stirs up in us all. That’s always been Marshall’s true love.


Since re-dedicating himself to music, Marshall has recorded three CDs. The first was “Overflow of the Heart” in 2007. The second, “Painting the Scene,” in 2012, received excellent reviews and local airplay. And now comes the new release, “Carnivals & Other Tragedies” in 2018.

Marshall performs solo and with a band regularly around Chicago, the Midwest, and beyond.